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Luxury Vinyl Tile in Billings, MT

Luxury Vinyl Tile in Billings MT

Choose a durable, stylish floor that lasts long in even the most active households or workplaces. Consistent foot traffic from people and pets can cause even the most impressive of flooring jobs to begin to show signs of wear. If your home is consistently subject to a great deal of foot traffic, consider renovating your most visited rooms with resilient flooring. At our vast flooring showroom, we carry a variety of vinyl flooring products that are resistant to scratching, stains, and spills. Subdue the effects of foot traffic in style even in the busiest homes with luxury vinyl tile.

Whether you prefer luxury vinyl plank flooring or tile flooring, our showroom associates can show you just how remarkably beautiful this long-lasting product is. Not only does vinyl easily mimic the look and feel of both tile and hardwood flooring, it is easy to clean with minimal maintenance, making it perfect for households with young families or pets. This is because it is fortified to make it resistant to scratches, dents, stains, and water. It is also comfortable underfoot.

You can also rest assured that our team of qualified technicians will handle your luxury vinyl tile installation with care. Thanks to the quality of their workmanship, you can expect to see an increase in the overall value of your home. The striking styles and durability features of our vinyl products make them attractive focal points for potential home buyers in the future as well.

What Makes Vinyl Such a Resilient Flooring Option?

Until recently, vinyl floors were known for their dated appearance and uncomfortable feel on bare feet. New advancements in flooring manufacturing techniques have created a durable luxury vinyl tile and plank flooring that is both stylish and comfortable. Fashion-forward designs and better-printing practices have made vinyl a beautiful décor choice in any home. Also, our flooring comes with four layers of cushioning fiberglass, giving your feet the relief they deserve when you come home.

Our resilient flooring is well-respected and advantageous for both its style and durability. Whether your choose tile or plank, you can have confidence in your investment. Vinyl floors are composed of several layers of composite material, which is then topped off by a wear-resistant finish. The resulting product is a tough and non-porous flooring material that can resist bumps and stains with ease. As such, both plank and tile are sound options for high-traffic areas, such as the kitchen or living room.

While luxury vinyl provides resilience, it is also gentle. Cleanup is simple with luxury vinyl, as the only materials you need are a cloth or mop and an approved cleaner. As a result, you spend less time cleaning up and more time doing what you enjoy most.

Luxury vinyl floor tile combines form, function, and aesthetic appeal into one elegant package. Thanks to modern printing and manufacturing processes, luxury vinyl tile, often known as “LVT,” is available in a wide selection of colors, designs, and textures. In fact, LVT designs may also include the look and feel of other popular flooring materials, such as ceramic and slate. These designs may be randomized and can even mimic their unique textures and patterns.

From the natural to the modern, luxury vinyl tile flooring adapts to your specific design goals. You are welcome to browse our showroom to find your favorite design, or even mix and match your favorites. Whether you are planning a uniform look or an elaborate pattern, our trained and experienced consultants are available to meet your specific preferences.

LVT, especially the COREtec Plus brand, is a great option for areas that often get wet. The flooring is 100% waterproof and will never swell when it gets wet. With a cork underlayment attached, it is also naturally resistant to mold and mildew. As always, our showroom is home to great variety at reasonable rates. We carry many other designs from popular manufacturers, allowing you the freedom to create a space that is uniquely yours.

Enjoy the magnificence of hardwood flooring while staying within your budget. Luxury vinyl plank flooring is also available in our showroom. As its name suggests, this flooring is cut and shaped to resemble traditional hardwood planks. In addition, the design layer incorporates the appearance of natural hardwood grain. Thanks to advances in technology, the designs for vinyl planks can take on the appearance of many different wood species, such as cherry, oak, birch, and mahogany.

This resilient flooring can be placed in areas prone to traffic and moisture, such as kitchens and bathrooms. The wear-resistant composition of vinyl also means fewer maintenance commitments. Simply put, it is a smart investment that adds value and visual appeal to your interior.

Count on Us for Luxury Vinyl Tile Installation

Visit our showroom and choose from our vast selection of luxury vinyl tiles. Once you’ve chosen a selection that best satisfies your needs and desires, our dedicated luxury vinyl tile installation team ensures that your installation is completed in a timely manner. When your flooring needs cleaning, breathe easy knowing that it doesn’t take hours to get the job done. Vinyl flooring is impervious to water and the staining effects of dirt and dust. All it takes to clean your vinyl flooring is a quick sweep or vacuum and a mopping. With minimal maintenance, your new flooring will stand up beautifully for years to come.

You deserve to be completely satisfied with your investment. For this reason, we back our products with The Ultimate Confidence Guarantee. From your initial selection to final installation, we stand by our products and our work. If you do not enjoy your new luxury vinyl flooring for any reason, we will gladly exchange it to a design you love. On top of that, should you discover a fault in you installation, we will return to correct any errors at no additional cost to you. After all, your investment is meant to last.

Feel free to ask any questions as our team of technicians is glad to answer any questions you may have about our services. Want to learn more about what our luxury vinyl plank and tile installation services entail? Just stop by our showroom or call us today. From consultation to installation, we are with you every step of the way.


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